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Regular Cleaning

Every regular cleaning includes bathroom(s), kitchen, common room, selected bedroom(s), and all other areas requested. You can always order more rooms cleaned.

Green Cleaning

We use effective, non-toxic, biodegradable and naturally-derived safe agents, along with low-impact processes to make homes sparkle.

Deep Cleaning

A deep clean includes all the services of a standard clean but with more attention to areas you may have forgotten to clean up over time.

Laundry Service

No need to waste your time doing laundry yourself! We will wash, dry, fold and put away your clothes while we do your home cleaning.

Move In / Move Out Cleaning

Houses and apartments can gather years of dust and grime left by previous tenants. This cleaning is designed to prepare a home for a new tenant.


We help you declutter your home, organize your moving and unpacking, organize your home for greater efficiency.

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About Us

Westchester Home Cleaning was created to match homeowners with trusted professional cleaners at affordable rates. It is our goal to offer you the best possible cleaning service available. We’re taking the first step toward our mission of providing cleaning services to everyone.

Every Cleaner Is

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I love Westchester Home Cleaning! Their attention to detail is fabulous, the eco-friendly products they use are excellent, and their customer service is top-notch.- Marissa
Great, reliable service, i wish every company were like this. If anyone needs cleaning in Westchester choose this company.They really do care about their customers.- Patrick
They go above and beyond every time. They are one of the best maid services that I have used. I recommend Westchester Home Cleaning to everyone.- Roger
Booking the cleaners was easy, price is very reasonable, the cleaners arrived on time, cleaned well. I would recommend this company. Thanks for an amazing experience!- Jerry
What a spectacular cleaning. I called Westchester Home Cleaning for a same day booking and they were able to service me within 3 hours. The cleaner was on time and did an amazing job. Thank you Westchester Home Cleaning.- Robert

Benefits & Reasons Why You Use A Home/Apartment Cleaning Service

Finding The Best Home/Apartment Cleaning Service

When you’re running short on time and unable to keep up daily maintenance and cleaning of your house, then a residential cleaning service might just be what you need. If this is your first experience in hiring services for home cleaning, then I would recommend that you ask yourself some general questions about the how’s and why’s of cleaning services. Finding a reliable company that takes care of your residence without charging you excessively might not be as difficult a task as you may have imagined.

How do you choose the right house cleaning service?

These are the several aspects that I considered before hiring a cleaning company, and I recommend that you keep these points in mind as well.

Cleaning rates: Money is probably the first thing that comes to our mind while thinking about hiring the right residential cleaning service. A good way to ensure that you are getting the best rates is to get quotations from different companies and compare them with each other to see which company offers the best value for money.

Professional and amateur cleaners: Once you’ve got your budget in place, it is time to decide if you want to go for a professional or a rather home-based maid service. Of course, the general rule “you get what you pay for” still applies here, barring few exceptions. You should only trust a professional company because of their extensive client base serving as testimonials about their performance and effectiveness. Also, unless the cleaner comes from a reputable company, leaving them at your home unattended may be risky. By going with a licensed, ensured, and bonded company you protect yourself and your home from any issues.

Background checks: When you’re searching for suitable companies, it is a good idea to check not only the reputation of that company but also of their staff. Contact the company and make sure they background check each of their cleaning professionals so that you can find trustworthy people capable of taking the responsibility of cleaning your house. A skilled cleaner would also take extreme precaution at work so as not to damage anything in your home.

Insurance: If the company you want to hire says that they do not have insurance, then turn around and walk away! The reason you need a company with insurance is because you don’t want to take the responsibility of paying for any damage done to your property caused by the cleaning staff. For example – if the cleaner breaks something, then a company with insurance will be liable to pay for damages whereas the company that doesn’t provide insurance will just refuse to take responsibility for the matter.

What does a standard cleaning package offer?

Depending on the size of your house and personal requirements, most standard home cleaning services will include the following services:

  • Cleaning of bathrooms and kitchen area
  • Routinely vacuum different areas of your house
  • Mopping and sweeping the floor
  • Making your bed
  • Dusting all surfaces

You’ve have selected a house/apartment cleaning service – now what?

Well, before you hire someone on a permanent basis I’d recommend that you first conduct an overall assessment of their service quality. Think of this time as a trial period where you get to judge the service quality based on two or three cleaning sessions. This practice will allow both you and the company to understand better each other’s expectations. You will also be getting a chance to make your requirements known early on.

If you are not satisfied with the cleaning service, then it’s better that you reject the cleaning professional they sent and request a new one. Remember, satisfaction works both ways; you must also keep your expectations in line so that the cleaner doesn’t feel overburdened by your demands or feels that they’re being exploited.

What are the signs of quality cleaning?

After the professional has done a thorough cleaning of your house, you can look for various signs that would help you assess the service quality. First, start by checking if your house looks clean and smells nice. If the carpets have been vacuumed properly, then you can clearly notice the difference in a glimpse. Be sure to look in unconventional places like under the couch and bed to see if the cleaning staff has done their job properly.

Inspect the bathroom and kitchen floor to see if they have just been given a quick mop or thoroughly washed. Check if the corner of your rooms or walls is free of dust. See if the toilet has been scrubbed well and take a close look at the sinks and mirrors to see if they sparkle. All your furniture should also be free of dust.

In case, you come across any problem

If you are unsatisfied with the cleaning job for whatever reason, it’s better that you talk to the cleaner directly rather than reaching for the phone to complain against the maid. A lot of times, problems arise due to miscommunication or unclear instructions, which can be solved just by having a clear conversation. After your conversation, more often than not your cleaning professional will happily address the areas they may have missed or left unsatisfactorily done. But, if the issue is not resolved even after the direct approach, it’s best that you take it up with the company and speak with a supervisor, and let them know your concerns.

Always take as much time as you need to conduct a thorough evaluation of the cleaning services before giving the go ahead. Proper research always pays off, and it significantly increases your chance of finding the right cleaner for the job.

If you feel that you are being pressured or covertly bullied by the cleaning agent, then do not even think twice before discarding them. You are paying good money, and it’s only natural that you should get the best bang for the buck.

Reasons For Hiring A Professional Home/Apartment Cleaning Service

Hiring a maid or cleaning service used to be considered a luxury but with today’s demanding schedules it has become more of a necessity. Even though there are still some homeowners who believe in completing home cleaning tasks by themselves, there is no denying the fact that a cleaning help will always do it much better.

The reason for hiring cleaning help is simple. Having a home that’s clean and organized just makes the rest of your life so much easier. But if that simple fact is not enough of a reason to motivate you to hire some professional help, here are ten more reasons for finding help to whip your home into shape.

  1. Working full time is enough work for one person. There has to be more to life than work and you should have time over for the things you enjoy, for family, for friends, for exercise and hobbies? Do you really want to spend all your free time, scrubbing and sweeping. Wouldn’t you rather work in the garden, invite friends over for a barbecue or do anything else that could potentially lower your stress levels? If the answer is yes, you might benefit from help.


  1. Your time is worth it. What’s an hour of your time worth? Consider the time you spend cleaning every week and calculate whether you could be doing better things with your time. Hiring cleaning help may seem expensive but you should not undervalue your own time.


  1. Family time is important. Kids need help with their homework. They need someone who has the energy to listen to their problems. It’s more important to spend time with the family than it is to scrub away stubborn stains and yet someone has to do it. Trying to fit it all in can make you resent your family for all the mess they make and often fail to clean up. Seething with resentment is not good for family relationships. Kids make a mess. They can’t help it. Minimize the potential for resentment. Hire help.


  1. You keep putting off the big cleaning projects. Chores such as cleaning the stove, reorganizing the basement, and washing windows, tend to get put off because, you don’t have enough time. If your Spring-cleaning doesn’t get done until the fall or maybe never, it could be a good idea to hire a cleaning service just to do the big jobs. Cleaning services will work with you on scheduling the big cleanups.


  1. What if you could just not do the cleaning jobs you hate? Everyone has a household chore they hate doing, whether it’s ironing or cleaning bathrooms. If you hired a cleaner to just do the jobs you hate, getting the rest done might be a lot easier. And every time you see that sparkling toilet, you might think, I did not have to do that.


  1. You’ve got an event coming up and it’s in your house. You volunteered to throw a baby shower and you’re worried that your guests will focus on the spider webs rather than the mom-to-be. Or your neat freak aunt if coming to visit for a week. She has been known to run her finger disapprovingly through the dust on your sideboard. You need help to get the house in tip-top shape before others see it.


  1. You’re just not good at cleaning. There is a technique to it and you never managed to master it. It’s okay. No one is perfect. You have a lot going for you and you can’t be good at everything. Fortunately, if you get help, your home does not have to testify to this one area where your skills could use some improvement.


  1. You recently had a baby. The baby needs all your attention now. And your day does not yet have an identifiable schedule. But at the same time you don’t want the baby to pick up any germs from your inattention to housekeeping. If your friends ask what you want for a baby gift, ask them to spring for some cleaning help. It’s a great gift. And cleaning help will be very useful while you’re trying to establish a comfortable schedule for your new family.


  1. You have an elderly relative to take care of. Aging parents require a lot of time-intensive care. That duty is complicated when there are also kids living in the house. You deserve some help. It’s easy to burn out when you are a caretaker and having household help can alleviate some of the daily stress.


  1. Once a month you might benefit from a day off from all of your responsibilities. Spend the day taking care of yourself while a cleaning service does the dirty work. Take a long bath. Get a pedicure. Go for a walk in the woods. Or go shopping. After a restful me-day you may bounce back with renewed energy. And you’ll return home to a clean house.


Asking The Right Questions

When you decide that you owe it to yourself to hire a cleaning service, do your homework. Investigate a few cleaning services. Call them and ask about rates and get referrals. Ask how long they have been in business. Being in business for a few years is a good sign that they have happy customers.

Ideally, a cleaning service should be bonded and insured. The business should have enough insurance to cover anything that the cleaners break or damage in your home. Accidents happen but you should not have to pay for them. Bonding means their employees are covered in case of an in-your-home accident.

The best cleaning services also screen employees. That’s important because the cleaners are going to be in your house when no one is home. Most people are honest and trustworthy. A few are not. Pre-screening is a definite plus.

The More Details The Better

Before the cleaners start, be sure to list exactly what you want done in your home. Do you want the service to give the whole apartment or house a once over or do you want them to focus on specific jobs or areas? The more detailed your list, the better chance you have of seeing the best results.

Having cleaning help in the house can be a sanity saver. And having a sparkling home can brighten your day.